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  • 5 things to avoid during allergy season
  • 01, November 2017 5 things to avoid during allergy season

    DENVER -- It's a double-edged sword. Spring is here and so are allergies.

    Because of the freakishly warm winter, allergy symptoms have started weeks earlier than normal.

    Besides stocking up on tissue, Dr. Wallace Salter from American Family Care Urgent Care in Lakewood offered five habits to avoid that can make allergies worse.

    First, don't make your bed. The fact is, dust mites, which are microscopic parasites, are found in every bed.

    "When we sweat at night, that sweat feeds them," Salter said.

    He advises keeping the sheets and blankets pulled down. The air will kill the bugs.

    Second is to avoid wearing contacts.

    "Wearing contact lenses, absolutely. You're trapping those pollens against your eyes. That just increases the irritation," Salter said.

    Next, think squeaky-clean dishes are best? Salter said to think again.

    "We found that kids eating off plates and bowls that have been hand-washed tend to have greater immunity," he said.

    Also, don't eat some fruits and vegetables.

    "Certain things release histamines in the back of the mouth and cause itchiness and irritation such as tomatoes, melons and bananas," Salter said.

    And fifth is alcohol.

    "For every drink you have per week, it increases your allergic rhinitis symptoms by about 3 percent," Salter said.


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