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Skin Allergy

About Skin Allergy

When a common substance gets in contact with our skin and our immunity system reacts abnormally then the released antibodies are called allergen. This causes visible red itchy rashes. Doctors call it dermatitis.

There are two types of skin allergies, namely,

  • Caused by chemical cleaners, irritation
  • Caused by inner body reactions, allergy trigger

Most skin allergies occur when something in air settles on our body especially, eye, head and neck area. This can be dust, pollen, chemical spray, powders or cigarette smoke. This allergy is called airborne contact dermatitis. Often, skin allergies can also cause hives and swelling deep in our skin called angioedema. It is easy to treat the rash and ease the itching.


Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

Itchy red or dry skin which turns weep or leaks fluid on scratch means you are infected. Children are highly prone to rashes in elbow joints, behind knees, wrist and behind their ears. Adults get rashes in also on their hands and feet.

Urticaria (Hives) and Angioedema

Urticaria is an itchy red and white bumps appear in different size around the body. Angiodema and acute urticaria often appears on the face, hand, throat or inside the bowels. These last for few minutes or few weeks. While the chronic hives last for months or years together.


The exact reason for eczema is unpredictable and the treatment is most often an antibiotic for the primary trigger. There are certain allergy testing that might be helpful in identifying the chronic and acute hives allergy.

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